Challenge: When your starting point is a drop-dead gorgeous home by Milan overlooking Lake Grapevine, how do you still make a splash? Fortunately, there were still hurdles—the complex landscape plan and a major change in grade.

Solved: We began with the main centerpiece—a large perimeter-overflow pool uniquely set at deck-level clad in turf to echo the property’s lush green setting. By bringing the turf to the four edges of the pool, each sides’ waterfall seems to magically disappear below.

The simple mirror-like surface thus created, constantly displays the ever-changing expanse of Texas sky above, surrounded by green with the homes handsome mature trees serving as the picture frame. 

Away, and separate from the main pool, a monolithic concrete firepit appears to magically float above the waters of the separate spa—its sleek finish complementing the architecture’s clean, spare design.

The spa area is sequestered in a charming, hidden courtyard adjacent to the home’s entrance. Because the yard’s grade slopes so precipitously, we strategically located the pool where we could both support the deck and avoid the need to level the entire yard and build a massive retaining wall. The space created by the slope also provides hidden storage space.

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