Complementing the Southwest-inspired design of the home seemed simple at first blush, but seamlessly melding the existing structures with the new thought-out design, proved to make a harmonious design more meticulous in the making.


Organized, purposeful. Elegant, yet relaxed. This project brings the saying, “a place for everything and everything in its place” to life. It feels as if all that the observer’s eye takes in had been planned and built all at once according to a functional, intentional master plan. That’s the beauty of what was accomplished here. 

The perimeter- and master-seating areas under the pergola,  surrounded by built-in amenities such as the fireplace chimney-wall big screen, and grill, feel like they belong, not added in. The concrete and tile work in the pool surround complement the bold staccato texture of the home’s lovely stucco edifice.

Easy-living, low maintenance artificial creates emerald green islands between the hard surfaces. And even the main, L-shaped path from the house to the pool to the patio is punctuated by slivers of greenscape between the squares of the walkway. 

And the centerpiece? At the center of it all is the pool featuring bubbling jets at one end that looks like mini geysers vying with each other for attention.

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