Red Cedar Trail

Challenge: Demolish and remove an older pool from the backyard to make way for a new design worthy of the major remodel the owners were having done to modernize their home. The biggest challenge to this was accomplishing it during the height of Covid.

Solved: With the old pool gone, we went back to the drawing board intent on creating a masterful backyard design as fresh and modern as the updates to the home and in sync with its new design aesthetic.

Our first goal was to maximize the view of the pool from the new bedroom windows and glass sliders in the living room. Eschewing the traditional approach that places pools parallel to the rear face of the home, we chose to place them perpendicular to the back.

Because we wanted a prominent water feature that wouldn’t interrupt the view, an asymmetrical layout was chosen to integrate the signature water wall into a planting bed off to one side. We tucked a bench into that space for booth utility and to provide an access point at the end of the pool.

Concerned that too much decking would spoil the feel, we elected to use waterless grass up to the edge to create contrasting swaths of the green and white surround, accenting the bright blue water resulting in a natural feel that blends seamlessly into the rear of the yard.

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