Challenge: Transform a dated, circa ‘70s diving pool into an eminently liveable mid-century-modern oasis with a family-centric focus.

Solved: We began with communal gatherings in mind, raising the pool floor and adding a bench surround to make this the place where family members would chill, play, and spend quality time together in and around the water. The existing trees were preserved to maintain both shade and privacy, then added a gorgeous outdoor patio and fireplace complemented by a professional-golf-style putting green with chipping pads—the cherry on top.

The treatment of the concrete is a nod to the owner’s initial request for a mid-century aesthetic, which we believe we achieved with restrained panache.

We love the repetitive elements, such as the concentric oval steps into and around the pool that create pleasing echoes of the central design.

In this video, discover all the details of this property to inspire your outdoor living space.

It highlights all the beautiful additions to both the front and back of the property. At a glance, you can see just how intentional and thorough we are in our process—every last detail matters.

It’s the sum of all the parts that makes the whole outdoor living space the favorite space in a home.

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