Challenge: Anyone can deliver the obvious solution. What would have been easiest was to site the pool at the bottom of the hill at the rear of the home, with sets of steps down to a ground-level well below.  But, keeping the limited mobility of the owners in mind,  we thought “why not bring the pool to them.”

Solved: So, what began as an “expect the unexpected” solution, became a “look how absolutely stunning this view is” to anyone fortunate enough to see it. Not only does the pool start at the same level as the back porch, but we designed it to cascade over an infinity edge and spill into a perimeter pool several feet below. 

The homeowners now benefit not only from the convenience of easy access to the pool, but the pool’s surface reflects the surrounding landscaping. A massive,  multi-trunked live oak was added to the landscape at the rear of the pool to add its gnarled beauty as reflections off of the pool’s surface. 

Problem-solving, once more, the tree was so large, we arranged to have it gently placed behind the pool by use of a crane. And, as you can see, the blue lights shining up from the perimeter pool below add a magical glow to the walls of the pool adding a dramatic flourish to the scene.

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