Delivering luxury every step of the way

Our team has been in the trenches (sometimes literally) for decades. And seeing companies do it wrong, and let customers pay the price, we decided to do something different.


What makes us different


It’s an experience

We manage your project personally, from the first conversation to the grand reveal party you’ll inevitably want to invite us to. There is no B or C team here. We treat every backyard as if it were our own. And throughout the process, we communicate every detail—the good, the bad, and the amazing.

Because that’s what we’re after—amazing.


The Premium Price

We’ve been around three generations of luxury pool builders and in this business long enough to know what it takes to simply do things right and with the quality you expect. There are no shortcuts with us. We may not be the cheapest builder, but we are among the best.

We don’t settle for good. We go for great.


Form, function, fun

…In that order. The form is what attracts our customers first, but when they realize how much function underpins our decision-making, a whole new level of trust and relationship comes into play. And, of course, if it isn’t fun, it’s not done.

We design art that becomes a masterpiece once it’s been experienced—cannon balls in the pool and wine by the fire and all.


Do it right

A great experience is derived from the sum of all the small details that fit together like a Swiss movement. Trends come and go, but functionality in design is forever. We’re not in this to make it look good for year one, we’re in this to make it last for generations to enjoy. So when we say do it right, we mean do it all right. 

Every piece. Every step. Every time.


It’s an experience

We merge nature with structure to create your favorite space. A space that seamlessly flows with the local flora and fauna and flows from the inside of your home out. We know that environment, safety, privacy, polish, materials, flow, and myriad other decisions all culminate in the total experience. We view each decision through that lens, and together, we design an experience that’s unbeatably yours.

It’s more than a luxury outdoor space—it’s your personal resort experience.



What distinguishes Pure Design from conventional general contractors and outdoor living companies is our commitment to excellence, elevated standards, and meticulous processes. We are dedicated to delivering nothing short of the most luxurious and impeccably designed outdoor spaces.

This commitment is deeply embedded in our client engagement process, ensuring each project meets and exceeds the expectations of discerning clients who seek unparalleled elegance and quality in their outdoor living experiences.

Exploration + Investigation

First, we schedule a time that works for us to be introduced to your family and property. Because we’re small—and intend to stay small—it’s important that we interview each other to make sure we’re a perfect mutual fit.

It’s key we get this part right. We’ll work diligently to fully comprehend your environment, lifestyle, budget, and timeline and share preliminary ideas and investments with you. It’s worth mentioning that we put so much time and energy into this upfront process that there is a commitment investment associated with the preliminary designs we deliver.

We leave no stone unturned to understand every one of your wants and needs.

Composition + Preparation

We firmly believe that each of our projects are as unique as a fingerprint. No two families, no two properties, and no two experiences are alike. And likewise, we deliver unquestioningly unique concepts for every client.

We take pride in being thorough, so this phase can be as extensive. We will spend countless hours refining layouts, configurations of hardscapes, landscapes, structure and water, and materials and textures, until it perfectly matches your needs.

Once the design is finalized, our equally detailed preparation ensures a project that’s delivered on time and in budget.

Construct + Polish

With a final plan in place, we begin the hard work of bringing your dream to life.

With the craftsmanship delivered, bringing your new favorite space to life is no easy task, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to be your personal concierge. 

And unlike many, our communication isn’t filtered, so you only get good news. You’ll have access to our internal communication system, so you know exactly what’s happening in real-time.

Once we’re through a final punch list and you’ve had time to soak in the awesome, we can officially complete the project. In other words, we’re not done until you are living your dream—and even then, we’ll be checking in to make sure things are going smoothly. 

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