Good, bad, ugly.

Our team has been in the trenches (sometimes literally) for decades. And seeing companies do it wrong, and let customers pay the price, we decided to do something different.

Our Core Beliefs

What makes us different


You deserve transparency

There is no B or C team here. We manage your project personally, from first conversation to the grand reveal party you’ll inevitably want to invite us to. And throughout the process, we communicate every detail, good, bad, ugly, or amazing.


It’s you and us vs. the budget

You have a budget in mind, or at the very minimum, a not-to-exceed number. With that number in hand, your dream vision mapped out, and the realities of your available space, we can design an environment that will truly wow you, without breaking the bank.


Form, function, fun

…In that order. Form is what attracts our customers first, but when they realize how much function underpins our decision making, they gain an immense volume of trust. And of course, if it isn’t fun, it’s not right. We don’t design art, we design environments we love, and you’ll love too.


Do it right

A great experience is derived from the sum of all the small details that fit together like a Swiss movement. So when we say do it right, we mean do it all right.

Every piece. Every step. Every time.


It’s an experience

Pool companies understand pools. We merge nature with structure to promote community and belonging. We know that environment, safety, privacy, polish, materials, flow, and myriad other decisions all culminate in the total experience. We view each decision through that lens, and together with you, design an experience that’s unbeatably yours.

The Process

Exploration + Investigation

First we schedule a time that works with you to be introduced to your family and property. Because we’re small—and intend to stay small—it’s important that we interview each other to make sure we’re a perfect mutual fit.

It’s key we get this part right. We’ll work diligently to fully comprehend your environment, lifestyle, budget and timeline. We leave no stone unturned to understand every one of your wants and needs.

Composition + Preparation

We firmly believe that each of our projects are as unique as a fingerprint. No two families, no two properties, and no two experiences are alike. And likewise, we deliver unquestioningly unique concepts for every client.

We take pride in being thorough, so this phase can be as extensive. We will spend countless hours refining layouts, configurations of hardscapes, landscapes, structure and water, and materials and textures, until it perfectly matches your needs.

Once the design is finalized, our equally detailed preparation ensures a project that’s delivered on time and in budget.

Construct + Polish

With a final plan in place, we begin the hard work of bringing your dream to life.

With the craftsmanship deliver, bringing your new favorite space to life is no easy task, so we believe that impeccable communication is key.

And unlike many, our communication isn’t filtered so you only get good news. You’ll have access to our internal communication system so you know exactly what’s happening—good, bad, and ugly—in real-time.

Once we’re through a final punch list, and you’ve had a few days to soak in the awesome, and only then, do we send our final bill. In other words, we’re not done until you are living your dream.

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