Challenge: More often than not, the challenge we face is too little space to work with. But not here. In fact, that paradigm here was flipped on its head.

How could we leverage the materials available to us to define this large space and bring a sense of balance and order to the expanse behind a handsome mid-century home?

Solved: Most poetry is made with words. But this sweeping landscape design invents a poetry all its own. One made for living and entertaining—from light and shadow, color and pattern, polish and texture, man-made materials, and natural ones. 

A bird’s eye view of the pool around which everything else is arranged reveals a perfect zig-zag layout with a diving board at the deep end and a spa at the other. Precisely fitted rough-hewn stone walls,  vertical slats of warm Ipe wood, and solid copper spouts spill water from the walls to the pool below.  Beautifully colored small glass tiles ring the pools and add color to the light tans and deep ochres of the sandstone walkways.

Islands of smooth oval, river rock punctuated by the occasional spiky desert grass add interest to the landscape that has feature borders of foliage. An area was even set aside to accommodate a putting green. This retreat and respite from the workaday world have it all. Room to play, to relax, to entertain—to simply just be and enjoy.

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