Confronted with a compact, slender backyard descending gently towards an alleyway, our mandate was to sculpt simplicity into luxury, crafting a pool that blends seamlessly with its surroundings and serves as a captivating centerpiece when viewed from the residence.


Our vision brought a vertically oriented pool to life, stretching elegantly into the backyard, guiding visitors towards a distinctive feature—an elemental acrylic window at the pool’s far end.

This architectural marvel, concealed from the house’s sightlines, unfolds as a delightful surprise to guests as they navigate the pool’s edge. The unexpected reveal of the acrylic window injects a playful yet sophisticated charm into the space, transforming an ordinary backyard into an oasis of intrigue and luxury.

This design adheres to the client’s wish for simplicity. It elevates the pool to a focal point of artistic expression and refined elegance, creating a lasting impression of serenity and exclusivity.

This video was made in collaboration with Elemental Acrylic.

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